Enterprise Strategy Portfolio

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Products and Services Offered

ZAR855.00TRANSCRIPTIONS - One Hit Wonder
Just one unexpected file.
ZAR1,881.00TRANSCRIPTIONS - Testing the Waters.
Three files at planned intervals.
ZAR4,275.00TRANSCRIPTIONS - Crash Course Survivor
Five files unexpected and ASAP.
ZAR6,270.00TRANSCRIPTIONS - Knockout Calculated Risk
Planned files in batches of ten.
ZAR28.50CODING - Pre-booked Codebook
2-Weeks pre-booked codebook coding and report.
ZAR57.00CODING - Ad-hoc Codebook
no pre-booking, urgent, codebook coding and report
ZAR2,850.00CODING - Analysis and Reporting
2-weeks pre-booked qualitative analysis file and report